[2014] Vince Gamboa: José Protasio Rizal-Mercado y Alonso Realonda

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[2014] Vince Gamboa: José Protasio Rizal-Mercado y Alonso Realonda

Jose Rizal was born to the wealthy Mercado-Rizal family in Calamba, Laguna of the Philippines. Jose Rizal Mercado attended the Ateneo Municipal de Manila, graduating at the age of 16 with highest honors. He took a post-graduate course there in land surveying. Rizal Mercado completed his surveyor's training in 1877, and passed the licensing exam in May 1878, but could not receive a license to practice because he was only 17 years old. (He was granted a license in 1881, when he reached the age of majority.) In 1878, the young man also enrolled in the University of Santo Tomas as a medical student. He later quit the school, alleging discrimination against Filipino students by the Dominican professors. He was Roman Catholic by birth and even studied in Catholic Schools. But when he met his "Ultima Querrida" (last love), he became a Protestant by choice. Because of that, he and his girlfriend, Josephine Bracken, were denied the benefit of a Catholic marriage rite. That is also the reason why Rizal was also denied the benefit of a Catholic mass during his burial. Actually Jose Rizal's religon is masonry. If you will check Dapitan where he stayed during his exile you will find all the signs that he had builded and he was even teaching it to some filipino working their for him. He was also teaching English to the filipino's during those time to prepare them for the invasion of the US because he know that they will come. Jose Rizal was a novelist, poet, physician, visual artist and a surgeon. He was executed at Bagumbayan and was secretly buried in Paco cemetery in Manila. The place where he died is now called Rizal Park in Manila, Philippines.


Born - June 19, 18611870Rizal began school at Justiniano Aquino Cruz at 9 years old1871Rizal continued his education at Lucas Padua.1872Rizal is examined by those in charge of college entrance to St. Tomas University in Manila; he entered the school system as a scholar.1875Rizal entered the Ateneo de Manila as a boarder at just 14 years of age.1876At the age of 15, Rizal received a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the Ateneo de Manila.He not only received this degree, but received it with the highest honors possible.1877In June, Rizal began to go to school at St. Tomas University in Manila where he studies Philosophy.Death - December 30,1896

Jose Rizal worked with Marcelo H. de Pilar and Graciano Lopez Jaena in making La Solidaridad. It was an organization created in Spain on December 13, 1888. Composed of Filipino liberals exiled in 1872 and students attending Europe's universities, the organization aimed to increase Spanish awareness of the needs of its colony, the Philippines, and to propagate a closer relationship between the colony and Spain. Headed by Jose Rizal’s cousin, Galicano Apacible, it also issued a newspaper of the same name which was published in Barelona,Spain on February 15, 1889. It was edited by Graciano Lopez Jaena and later on by Marcelo H. del Pilar. The newspaper published not only articles and essays about the economic, cultural, political, and social conditions of the country, but also current news, both local and foreign, and speeches of prominent Spanish leaders about the Philippines.

Statue of Jose Rizal at Lunete Park


“One only dies once, and if one does not die well, a good opportunity is lost and will not present itself again.” “He who does not know how to look back at where he came from will never get to his destination.” “I have to believe much in God because I have lost my faith in man.”

Jose Protasio Rizal-Mercado y Alonso-Realonda.


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The statue became a monument for Jose Rizal and was opened onDecember 30, 1913

Novels by Jose Rizal


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