[2015] tyler provence: Joruney

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[2015] tyler provence: Joruney


Neal Schon

Joanathan Cain

Steve Smith

Separate Ways

They are a Rock band formed out of San Fransico in 1973. Their major success between 1978 to 1987 and after that huge success the band broke up. That was a huge impact to their music and their career. It wasn't untill 1990 when they did a reunion and loved it then they regrouped with more lead singers. The band sound was influenced by jazz and progressive rock and also by the Steve Miller Band. The sound they were mainly known for was the space-age keyboard sound they had in their songs. The have also influenced many new bands with their influential music.During their time period a lot of political and economical stuff was happening. Ronald Regan was president, The Persian Gulf War started, John Lennon was shot and killed by Mark Chapman, the Titanic wrecked and their was a film about it.

Some of their popular songs include: Don't Stop Believin', Separate Ways, Wheel in the Sky and many more.

Steve Perry

The Band

Popular Songs


Before Steve Perry was in Journey he actually sung at a church choir. When Steve first met Neal Schon they wrote 2 songs together.



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