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Arab Spring: Jordan

Jordan shares the region’s troubles as they could not escape from the Arab Spring Protest. Jordanian awaits the downfall of their regime because they want to finally take a charge on how the country is governed. Their grief gathers them in the capital of Jordan, Amman to discontinue the rampant unemployment, economic grievance and the increase of gasoline.


Anti-Government Protest

Thousands of Jordanian gathered in the heart of Jordan along with other cities across the country after King Abdullah spiked up the fuel prices. “They should not make the price of petrol so high," said one of the protesters. Many Jordanian felt the poor were being targeted as they could not afford the increase in prices. The government put their blames on Egypt’s shoulder because they have blown the Jordan’s land over a dozen times when the Egyptian’s pipeline that carried natural gas to Israel which later lead them to switch to an expensive company.

Jordanian mothers are demanding citizenship rights for their children and to also pass down their nationality to them. "My mother Is Jordanian and Her Citizenship Is My Right." said Habashneh, the leader of the campaign. In Arab world, children inherit their father's side of nationality, instead of the mothers. Jordan women are asking to have the right for their children to receive a citizen with a Jordanian mother and foreigner fathers.

Jordanians are determined to put a stop to their regime by calling for the downfall of King Abdullah, a young adult monarch who was educated in U.S and British. “A real revolution against corruption" said one of the protesters. King Abdullah was a well-liked by his people, however what drove the Jordanians to protest was by economic grievance. Over 2ooo gathered in the heart of Jordan demanding a say in how the country is governed.


Fuel Price Hike





Jordan's Protest Against Military Intervation on Syria

Women's Right

Jordan may be famous for their kingdom but almost 40 percent all of their populations are living below the poverty line due to high unemployment Jordan’s overall. Shereen Mazen, program manager at the local NGO Labor Watch said, “Some economic policies adopted in Jordan over the past few years have badly affected the middle class.” Young adults are having a huge finding jobs after college and it’s became a major issue in Jordan. Jordan’s unemployment rate is 12 percent currently and nearly 70 percent of its population is under the age of 30.

August 30th, 2013, a year later, Jordanians came together in the capital city for yet another protest. A student protester said “Any military attack on Syria will be an attack on the safety, security and livelihood of the Jordanian people.” they are protesting against Western military attack against Syria. This matter gathered over 1000 people on the streets after noon prayers, the US military clams that Syrian president had used a deadly chemical weapon outside Damascus.



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