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Social Studies

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By:Jordan Hutchinson

My Family History

My family is originally from Jamaica and Cuba. My Great grandfather from Cuba travelled to Jamacia for a different experience and with the hopes of getting married. When he went to the country he was very surprised at the similarities between the two. He settled down and found himself a Wife. He had 5 children, on of those children where my grandfather. My Grandfather worked on a farm for a couple years and when he was old enough he moved out of his parents house and looked for a wife of his own. He married my grandmother and had 5 kids of his own 2 girls and 3 boys one of which is my father. My father had a girlfriend that he wanted to stay with, but his parents were moving to Canada to find better oppurtunites and keep the kids out of trouble. He waited untill he was older and had a stable job to fly back to Jamaica and marry his girlfriend and bring her back to Canada to join him in his new life.

My fathers immigration experince was very exciting because he wanted to experince a new culture and a more diverse country. He has never traveled outside of Jamaica so to him it is an adventure. When he was eventually enrolled in school he was made fun of for his color of skin, this made him very sad because he wanted to fit in. His Mother told him that he cannot change the way he looks, and he has to accept the way he is and if people dont like him for that then they dont matter. He excelled in Math, Science and joined the wrestling, football and boxing clubs. He was the star of the wrestling and boxing clubs and made plenty of friends through that. His university experience was very good because he was good in math and science, he wanted to become an engineer. He began working at TTC as soon as he finished university as a bus engineer and a technichian in the fascility.

My parents childhood was very different from my own, because they didnt grow up with a bunch of technology. They both grew up in a fairly rural area with not much to do inside of the house besides study or clean. Most of their childhood was spent outside in the sun, playing with friends or causing mischif with their siblings. Them and their siblings had to look out for eachother, just like my siblings and i do.



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