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Jordan Sonnenblick

Jordan Sonnenblick

Jordan Sonnenblick was born on July 4, 1969 on an army base in Missouri. After living to be a year old, however, his father left the army and the Sonnenblick family moved to Staten Island, New York.Sonnenblick was a very restless student, but after being asked by the "girl of his adolescent dreams" why he was so immature, he immediately became, as he said, a model citizen. He grew up to start having dreams of being a novelist, but he started off with the job of a teacher. He joined an organization called Teach for America, which recruits teachers to teach in high-demand areas. While he was teaching middle school, he had a student whose little brother had been diagnosed and was battling with cancer. Sonnenblick wanted to find a book that would help her cope with the situation, where the characters would be facing the same problem. However, he failed to find one, and decided to write a book of his own for her. His writing career started there, when he wrote his first book: Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie, which was about a boy whose younger brother got cancer. After that, he continued to publish novels, writing 6 more after. He has written both children’s and teen’s books, most being realistic fiction. 2 other examples of his novels are After Ever After and Zen and the Art of Faking It. A fantasy novel named The Dark Is Rising inspired him in writing. When writing, he gets his ideas for his stories from his own life. However, writing doesn’t always come easily—time can get in the way, and business can cause authors to stop writing for a while. This happened to Sonnenblick for a while, but he overcame it by forcing himself to write, and once he started, he was “on a roll”.48 year-old Sonnenblick now lives with his family—his wife and two kids—in Pennsylvania. He enjoys playing music, bicycling, hanging out with his family, and reading. Throughout his career, he has received an award from the American Library Association for a children’s literature award. He has recently finished the book Notes from the Midnight Driver.

"After Ever After" by Jordan Sonnenblick

"Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie" by Jordan Sonnenblick

"Zen and the Art of Faking It" by Jordan Sonnenblick

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