Joplin, Missouri Tornado

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Joplin, Missouri Tornado

The Joplin, Missouri Tornado was an EF4-EF5 one of the worst possible tornadoes.The tornado created a 6 mile long path and was 3/4 miles wide.The direction of the tornado was moving from west to east.7,000 homes were destroyed,1,000 injured and 160 killed.7,000 people had to find new jobs,and homes.

Joplin,Missouri Tornado

Livi Skiba

The three spheres it affected

1) Biosphere160 people killedA 1,000 injured7,000 homes destroyed$2 Billion in damages2)Atmosphere200 miles per hour windsSupercell thunderstorms produce large hail,strong winds,and powerfull tornadoesThe radar turned pink ,that let people know that a tornado was coming 3)GeosphereThe tornado created a 6 mile long pathEF4-EF5 portions of the tornado traveled around 6 miles through the heart of the city

May 22,2011


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