Joos Five Levels of Formality

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Joos Five Levels of Formality

Joos Five Levels of Formality

Intimate Speaking/Writing to FamilySpeaker supplies little or no background information, it is to be understood. Language is usually private shared from experiences.Example: When talking to my family, I would not explain in great detail about details because they already know about me. I would tell my family more than I would someone I just met. I would use mostly Tier 1 and 2 vocabulary in this setting.

CasualSpeaking/Writing to friends or social groupSpeaker supplies some background information but must is to be understood. The listener understands with little effort because information is shared. People usually use fragments or slang. Example: When speaking to my friends I might only include some background information. I might use fragments like BRB or LOL. I would use Tier 1 and 2 while in this setting.

FormalSpeaking/Writing to large groupPurpose of speaking is usually to inform or entertain and language is precise. Most written texts fall into this category because they must stand alone. This must be planned in advance and organized. Example: A piece of writing that I write is for school and is either to inform or entertain and it has to be organized/have an outline. I would use Tier 1,2, and 3 in this setting.

ConsultativeSpeaking/Writing to StrangersSpeaker supplies background information and the listener works actively to understand. While communicating it moves to casual style or the conversation breaks off. Example: While speaking to a stranger, I would have to provide a hevy amount of background information because they do not know me. I would use Tier 1 and 2 vocabulary in this setting.

Joos Five Levels of Formality


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