Jonas Salk (Historical Figure Research)

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Jonas Salk (Historical Figure Research)

Jonas Salk

Jonas Salk was known for fabricating medicine against Polio. He created a Polio vaccine. Salk attended the University of Pittsburgh and conducted research on Polio (Infanitlle Paralysis). By 1951, Salk determined there were 3 types of Polio viruses. Salk developed a "killed virus" vaccine for the disease. The vaccine was given to two million children. The Polio vaccine was approved in 1955.

6 Significant FactsJonas Salk was born on October 28, 1914. Salk founded the Salk Center for Biological Studies (research organization) in 1963. Salk married social worker, Donna Lindsay, and had a marriage from 1939-1968. The Polio vaccine that Salk fabricated was approved in 1955. Salk remarried in 1970 with artist Francoise Gilot. Salk published books: Man Unfolding (1972), The Survival of the Wisest (1973).

Famous Quotes"Hope lies in dreams, in imagination and in the courage of those who dare to make dreams into reality." - Jonas Salk "The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more." - Jonas Salk

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