jonahs muffs

by jonahfriedman
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jonahs muffs

My improvemnts to ear muffs would be to add an ipod port with speakers in them so you can listen to music while your freezing. My earmuffs can come with One Direction designs to reach girl's likings, of course those would be extra cost though. The material will be of the softest fur of differnet varients, the iod port will be inside the muff in a compartment on the left muff. There will be speakers in each muff so you can get the full experience, controls for sound on the right muff. The have a furry outside to keep you warm aswell

Jonah Muffs

by Jonah Friedman

Added-fun. and Apeal Design for girls, (and wierd guys)

Fun Ipod ports and speakers.

Fun Music and new technology

Your earmuffs come with a Ipod port on teh left muff where you can lock your ipod in place. Its in the middle of the muff so noone can see it. Controls for volume are on teh right.

We feature One direction on our muffs for extra price




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