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 Jon Klassen

Books Illustrated by Jon Klassen:Cats' Night OutExtra YarnSam and Dave Dig a HoleThe DarkPax

Books authored by Jon Klassen:This Is Not My HatI Want My Hat Back

Jon Klassen

This Is Not My Hat

A small fish steals the hat of a big fish. He knows that it is wrong but does it anyway.

I Want My Hat Back

Bear looses his hat. He asks all the creatures he comes across if they have seen it but some are dishonest.

Extra Yarn

Anabelle finds a box of magical neverending yarn. She knits sweaters for the entire town, even the buildings!

Sam & Save Dig A Hole

Sam and Dave decide to start digging a hole int he hopes of finding something spectacular. They miss several large diamonds but still have a pretty spectacular day.

Cats' Night Out

Cats take to the streets and dance the night away. more cats appear in a rhyming pattern as the story progresses.

The Dark


Pax is the story of a young boy and his relationship with his pet fox. When the two are separated they have experiences while trying to reunite.

Laszlo is afreaid of the dark, luckily it doesn't normally bother him in his room, until it does. Laszlo learns to face his fear and not be afraid of the dark any longer.

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