Joker Themedd.

by alanaisasian
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Joker Themedd.

i'm alana, and i'm better than your greatest fantasy. i can drink air and breathe water. i can swim in the stars and dance on the moon. i'm taken, if you don't already know. i dont give a damn what the world thinks of me. if you can make me laugh were going to get along great. i can be really nice when i want to be, i just choose not to. theres alot of things i want to change about me and my life but i'm learning to make the best out of what i have. i'm really carefree about everything and i usually don't think about the consquenses to my actions. i'm not the best daughter, student, or friend but i try. i give up easily and i don't take anything seriously, life is just a big joke to me. if you wanna get tough get tough. if you wanna fight then fight, but dont expect to win. i dont take shit from ANYONE, so beware.

Alana is Asian.

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