Joining the voice thread

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Joining the voice thread

Joining the voice thread

poster yourself

1. Click on the icon that says, 'Sign in or Register' (If you have forgotten theemail & password, contact Mrs. Fenton.).2. Click on Mrs. Fenton's avatar.3. Move your cursor over the icons and look for your name and click on the appropriate picture.4. You will be asked to upload a different picture (you may do so or click the 'I'll do it later' button.)5. Your avatar or icon will take the place of Mrs. F's, then click the comment button.6. You may record a voice comment if you have a computer with a microphone or type in a comment OR you may do both (as I have done).7. When you are finished, click save. 8. Your avatar will move to the side and if click on it you will here/see your comment. If you do not like it or want to change it, click on the dust bin to delete it and start a new comment.9. Click the play button to here the full voice thread.

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