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Join the First Crusade

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Join the First Crusade!We need people! No matter who you are, you make a difference in war. Lead by the magnificent King Richard, we will sieze the city of Jerusalem and claim it for ourselves. Those muslims don't stand a chance as long as we have the numbers in war. Our king has already devised a perfect plan to take the city. If you do this, we'll be protecting our city, preserving our religion, and saving our family. Take this one chance to finally be a hero! Stand up now and take action! Do what's right, and together, we will do this.Together, WE WILL WIN THIS WAR!


For our rightful city, religion, and family!For England!

Meet at Château Gaillard for recruitment in the crusades.At 1800 hours, we will call you up and then enlist you into the army if you sign up. Weapons of choice, armor, helmets, crests, and shoes will be delivered personally on horseback to your village.Further instructions on other plaque.

Once the knights on horseback have reached your village at 1000 hours, they will wait 1 hour for everyone to arrive in the town square. A knight will ride around the village to wake up late soldiers. at 1100 hours, they will call out your name and once your name has been called out, you shall walk up to the knights and recieve your full attire and armory. The next day, you shall leave home and arrive at Château Gaillard. Futher instructions on the plaque on top.

At Château Gaillard you will be assigned into your ranks and placed in order by weapon. You will also be tested whether you're worthy to ride a horse into battle.We will train our troops until they are the most elite of the elite. When we think we are prepared, we ride out. We'll also practice battle strategies and introduce certain soldiers to our new line of weaponry! Good Luck!


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