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Johnson's Journal

Johnson's Journal

Denied the Right to Vote

The Fight for Suffrage

On April 4th 1873, Carrie S. Burnham went to a ballet box to vote, but when the police saw her she pulled away from the ballet box. She went to court being charged with illegal voting. Durning, the case Burnham argued she was a "freeman" and she was entitled to the right to vote. Though, the court argued back that just because you are a freeman does not necessarly have the right to vote. Though this rule really only applied to women at the time. In the end, Burnnham was aressted for illegal voting

After the 15th ammendment was passed in 1870, black men were given the right to vote, but women were not granted any suffrage. Therefore, Susan B. Anothney started protesting for a women's right to vote. She formed a group full of women fighting for suffrage called The National American Suffrage Association which Elizabeth Candy Stanton helped support. With in 50 years these two women influeced the ratification of the 19th ammendment on August 18th 1920 and granted women suffrage.

Women didnd't always have the right to vote or participate in government. though after a long hard fight for rights the 19th amendment was added to the constitution. The 19th amendment granted women suffrage and the right to vote and participate in the government.

Women's suffrage has changed the history of America because women have been able to participate in poltics and vote. It increased the likely hood a women would be able to hold a higher postition in a job. For example major companies such as IBM, which is 23rd richest company is owned by a women (Virginia Rometty). Without the instaltion of the 19th ammendment or the work of Susan B. Anothony and Elizabeth Candy Stanton oppurtunties like CEO postions would not be posssible. Not to mention countless women, who have held office. Also, incredibly, per average more women vote in government then men and therefore have a bigger impact on the goverment then men do.

Changing History

On July 19th-20th 1848, over 300 men and women met to discuss women's rights. The men and women all met in Seneca Falls, New york, thus the conventions name Seneca Falls Convention. This convention was the first one to take place publicly, but many more would follow until 1920. Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton were the two women who organized the convention. Along with a few other women they drafted spoken words for the convention. While, they worked hard to organize the convention the ad they had placed in the newspaper was busy attracting people to the two day event. When the convention started people discussed conflicts and resoultions to women's right issues such as inability to keep wages, hold office, work in the same high oppurtinty spots as men, and the inability to vote.

Seneca Falls Convention

Having a Right

Declaration of Sentiments

Women's right to vote has come into play durning every election. This because women have had the right to vote, and could not be denied the right based on gender. The movement for women's suffrage influenced many women to stand up for what they believe in, in countries that deny their basic rights.

The Declaration of Sentiments was drafted durning the Seneca Falls convention. The Declaration of Sentiments was written to match the layout of the declartion of independence. Therefore, the Declaration of Sentmeints starts with a long list of complaints that take away from a woman's right, much like how the Declaration of Independence list the things the abuses the king used against the colonists. Although, after the complaints the men and women wrote possible solutions to the problem. In the end, 68 women and 38 men signed the document.

Influencing Our Lives


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