Johnson Space Centre

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Johnson Space Centre

PSTI-WK2 2014

Johnson Space Center


* Enjoyed creating Powtoon video. Great tool for the classroom. * Learned about the research being performed in the ISS and how to incorporate it into lesson plans.* Designing, building and testing our rover was such a fun activity - students will love it.* Testing the combinatins of materials selected to protect out balloon was exciting.


"Little Wheels" ready to explore.

Testing space suit materials!!

Exploring a volcano!!

Olga MU - Wk 2

Summary of Experiences

* Visited rocket park and got to see a replica of the Saturn IV rocket. Huge!!! *Enjoyed seeing the replicas of the ISS, Robonaut and Orion that are found in the Space Vehicle Mockup Falicity - incredible.*It is hard to believe that the equipment found in the Christopher C Kraft Mission Control Center was used to put men on the moon.

* Learned about 5E Lesson Plans, the ISS and their research, Newton's Laws, Blackboard, Glogster, apps, experiments, the moon, Orion, space suits, Nasa online resources and contacts. *Learned how science concepts can be demosntrated clearly using simple and fun hands on activities. Like building a rover, launching a rocket, creating a volcano, or testing layers of materials.*Being at NASA and getting to witness and learn about the different programs and research that is currently being done has ignited my interest in space. I realize that teaching students about space is important and NASA is happy and willing to help. *I was amazed at the amount of information, resources and support NASA offers teachers.*The staff's and speaker's enthusiams about science is inspiring. I have been thinking about starting a science club and I think knowing that I have NASA as a resource is going to make it possible.


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