Johnny Found Poem, (Assignment), Literature

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Johnny Found Poem, (Assignment), Literature

What is "Found Poetry"?Found poetry is a great way to reveal emotions and ideas hiding in your text. There are a lot of ways to discover the secrets within:Circle the words or sections of words that stand out, draw a line to the next section that stands out...voila! A poem. You can also cut out words and paste them on a new piece of paper.Some people draw a design on the page and see what words turn up in the openings and gaps. There are no "right" ways to do it - just go find!

1) Choose an emotion - it's up to you how you choose it.2) Using the first 6 chapters, find single or sections of words that match your choosen emotion.3) Type your found poem on a seperate piece of paper - please turn in your working pages as well.

Cut & Paste Poem

Designed Poem

A Simple Poem

Not So Simple

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Create a Found Poem

"Found POetry for Joe"

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