[2014] (5eme 2 college MIGNET): Johnny Depp autobiography

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[2014] (5eme 2 college MIGNET): Johnny Depp autobiography

By Éliot and Paul.

Johnny Depp


Early life :My name is Johnny Depp and I was born on June 9th, 1963 in Owensboro. I left school at the age of sixteen and joined the group Bad Boys ( later : The Kids ).


The rise to Fame :My firt part was in "A night mare on Elm Sreet ", a horror movie, but I became internationally famous when I played Officer Tom Hanson in "21 Jump Street"

Johnny Depp

Major Awards and Prizes : In 1996 I won the "ALFS Award '' for my role as Edward D. Wood Jr. Then in 1999 I won the "César d'honneur " for my career.

Gossip column :I begin to smoke and drink when I was twelve years old .



  • kotarakav4izmi 3 years ago

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    Great job! Essaye de rajouter un paragraphe sur ses nominations (awards) et aussi sur sa vie privée:
    In... I married Vanessa Paradis, a French singer and actress. We had 3 children, but later we divorced.
    Keep glogging!