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Johnny Cade

The Outsiders

Johnny comes from a neglectful family. he is the second youngest greaser.johnny is not that smart but loves to watch sunset with ponyboy.and johnny wants ponyboy to read him gone with the wind.he knows that socs beat up greasers who stay out late.And he has suffered abuse before from his parents.johnny is very street smart but not very book smart. johnny never liked school.johnny also threatened to kill himself because he did not like the way his life was going.johnny’s revenge on the socs were he killed bob.

Intellectual Traits

Johnny has a jet-blacked greased hair. He has dark eyes that appear to be black he has tan skin. He always looks nervous or suspicious when he’s around people, he got scared because he was jumped by people who call themselves the “Socs”. Ponyboy described Johnny as a puppy who has been kicked around to many times. I found this in chapter 1 page 11. The physical attributes play a role to the story because in the book Johnny was always scared to talk back to anyone because he was scared to get beat up again so he doesn’t do anything to protect himself until later in the book. I would say Johnny is also very shy. Later in the book his physical traits change by he starts to be able to protect himself and he was able to stand up for himself and when Ponyboy was getting jumped Johnny was finally able to stand up to Socs and he killed the person that was drowning ponyboy. These changes affect the characters experience in the story because when he killed one of the Socs he had to hide from the cops so now he has experience from dealing with the cops but after the cops found out why he killed one of the Socs, they became town heros. His appearance changed in chapter 5 because his body was beat up because he was running from the cops and he was in a church and he was in the church fire and save the kids but he was severely hurt in the fire.



The story "The Outsiders" takes place in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The time period that it took place was in 1965, back in the "Retro days".



"Ponyboy can count on his brothers. And on his friends. But not on much else besides trouble with the Socs, a viscious gang of rich kids whose idea of a good time is beating up 'greasers' like Ponyboy. At least he knows what to expect- until the night someone takes things too far."

As Ponyboy describes Johnny on page 12, Johnny is like a pet to every greaser. Ponyboy states that Johnny is last and least and describes Johnny as “a little dark puppy that has been kicked too many times and is lost in a crowd of strangers.”. All the greasers would never yell or hurt Johnny because of what happened in the past, on pages 31, 32, 33 and 34 it tells you that Johnny got beat up by some socs with rings and a blue car in the past. Because of what happened in the past Johnny gets nervous around Socs and tries to avoid them. Johnny is friends with most of the greasers, but I think Johnny is mostly friends with Ponyboy because Ponyboy and Johnny can tell each other things that they would never tell other greasers. They are also able to cry in front of each other like they did on page 74. I think Johnny likes Ponyboy because Ponyboy is not as tough as the other characters. If Johnny was more social then everyone would be harder on him. Johnny has a very negative outlook of life he always talked killing himself. He did not really see a point of him living because his dad always beat him up and his mom ignored him unless she was yelling at him. This belief affects him because he does not really talk or stick up for himself, he is jumpy, and always had a nervous, suspicious look in his eyes. Johnny’s beliefs change at the end of the story when Johnny was severely injured, because Johnny started to realize that 16 years old is too young die. He realises that he has not done in his life yet or seen much stuff, and that the only times he has been out of neighborhood was when they were in Windrixville.

Johnny Cade

Johnny is a very negative character. He’s been through a lot of tough times in his life. For instance his parents could care less of what he did. And he’s been beaten up severely by the soc’s one time, which in that case traumatized him. After he was beaten Johnny became more aware of the situation, and he started carrying around a switchblade to protect. Him if he ever got beaten up again. So his feelings most of the time are very negative and dark. His feelings change throughout the story the author states that, when he goes into the church with Ponyboy to save save the little children. His feelings go to dark and negative to someone who is brave,and courageous. The way that Johnny feels about himself is once again negative. He feels worthless because his parent’s don’t care about him. And he feels worthless, because he lives in a bad neighborhood surrounded by bad things. On page 51 Johnny is having one of his weaker moments when Ponyboy comes running towards him at the lot after Darry had hit him.Pony was explaining how he thinks that Darry couldn’t care less about him. But that’s when Johnny retorts saying that he is totally wrong in so many different ways, and how Johnny has it worse because his parents beat him, and don’t care if he comes back dead or alive. When facing challenges Johnny tends to be brave, but really deep down I feel that Johnny is actually quite vulnerable, he’s just another scared little kid in world that’s a lot bigger than him. So even though he has this brave vibe to him, I believe that he does infact has his different fear’s.

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