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Johnnny Cade

Biography Hello, my name is Johnny Cade, but most people call me Johnny or Johnnycake. I am the second youngest of the gang, being 16. My home life is really tough, because my mom and dad are dunk all of the time, and they don’t care whether I come home or not. Most of the time, I don't come home and sleep in the lot or at the Curtis home. Everyone in the gang treats me good because they know that I have a rough home life and don’t have anyone in my family that cares about me. So really, the gang is my only family. I think of Dallas Winston, or “Dally”, as an older brother kind of figure. He always stands up for me and will take on any Soc any day to protect me. Even though he is in and out of the cooler, I still admire him. Now I am on my death bed because I was rescuing kids from a burning church, and a burning piece of timber cracked my back from the mid-waist down. Even if I die, I know that those kid's lives were worth more than mine, and that they had more to live for than me.


Best Friends

The Gang

"I, I killed him"

"We'll do it for Johnny"

"Stay gold, Ponyboy"

Gotta Be Somebody: Nickelback Lyrics'Cause everyone wants to feel like someone caresSomeone to love with my life in their handsThere's gotta be somebody for me like that'Cause nobody wants to go it on their ownAnd everyone wants to know they're not aloneThere's somebody else that feels the same somewhereThere's gotta be somebody for me out thereLyrics from:

PoemWith a switchblade in my pocket, I carry through my day, Dreading that I will use itIn a very awful wayFinally the time comesWhen the switchblade comes outThere will be a life for a life, which is no doubtNow I am on the run At my side, Ponyboy and a loaded gun.

The GreasersAre very poor compared to the SocsLive on the East side of townDon't jump people, they just defend themselves

The SocsAre very rich compared to the greasersLive on the South side of townJump Greasers for funHave beer blasts down at the river

A Little Bit About MeI killed a Soc named Bob Because he was drowning Pony, and I wasn't about to let them do to Pony what what they did to me. Pony and I ran away to Windrixville with the help of Dally, and we stayed there for 5 days.I rescued kids from a burning church by risking my own life.

Johnny Cade


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