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The Babylonian civilisation in Mesopotamia replaced the Sumerian civilisation and the Akkadian civilisation.Most people give a little historical background to these events. Certainly in terms of their number system the Babylonians inherited ideas from the Sumerians and from the Akkadians. From the number systems of these earlier peoples came the base of 60. Neither the Sumerian nor the Akkadian system was a positional system and this advance by the Babylonians was their greatest achievement.



It was an important task for the rulers of Mesopotamia to dig canals and to maintain them, because canals were not only necessary for irrigation but also useful for the transport of goods and armies. The rulers or high government officials must have ordered Babylonian mathematicians to calculate the number of workers and days necessary for the building of a canal, and to calculate the total expenses of wages of the workers.


The anonymous creators of Babylonian theoretical astronomy drew their knolwdege from several branches of learning,literature and mathematics. Babylonian mathematical texts are plentiful and well edited. In respect of time they fall in two distinct groups: one Old Babylonian, the other mainly Seleucid. That Babylonian mathematics remained constant, in the character and content, for two millennia.The backbone of the Babylonian mathematics is the sexagesimal number system. It is a place-value system ilke our decimal system, but of base 60 rather than 10. It was used to write both whole numbers and certain fractions and was the most efficient way of writing numbers at that time. It alone reduced the standard operations.


Babylonians made math with the help of a few other cultures such as Egypt, Rome, and Greek. One of the most amazing break throughs in Babylonian is when they made pythagorians therom and they explained how to do these by writing these on four stone tablets and we still use this type of mathmatics today in many different jobs in this mondern culture and that is only one of how the modern culture connects with the ancient culture.

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