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John Wyndham

John Wyndham

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In 1925, he turned to writing for money. In 1931, he was selling short stories, detective stories and serial fiction. After the war, he went back to writing inspired by the success of his brother. He altered his writing style and by 1951 he wrote his novel "The Day of The Triffids". The book was a success. It also established Wyndham as an important science fiction writer. During his lifetime he published six more novels.

Literary Career

John Wyndham was born in Dorridge near Knowle in West Midlands, England. He is the son of George Beynon and Gertude Parkes. At the age of eight, his parents seperated. He and his brother Vivian Beynon Harris spent their childhood in at a number of preparatory and public schools. After leaving school, his careers were farming, law, commercial art and advertising. "During World War II he served as a censor in the Ministry of Information. Then he joined the British Army, serving as Corporal cipher operator in the Royal Corps of Signals. In 1963, he married Grace Wilson and was married until he died in 1969,at the age of 65."(Wikipedia)

Childhood & Background

Full Name- John Wyndham Parkes Lucas Beynon HarrisDate of Birth- July 10th, 1903Date of Death- March 11th, 1969 (Age 65)

The Chrysalids is considered to be his best novel by some of his readers.


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