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John Winthrop

Who Am I?I, John Winthrop was born in Edwardstone, England on January 22, 1588. My parents were Adam and Anne Winthrop. We were a wealthy family. When I was just fourteen I enrolled in Trinity Collage in Cambridge, England. I left when I was seventeen and married Mary Forth in 1613. The following year we had our first child out of sixteen we named him John Winthrop junior. In 1613 I decided to go back to school. I went to Grays Inn in London to study law.Thats when my life started to get bad. Two of my children died at birth. In 1615 Mary died giving birth to another baby at that time I was just 27. I was scared that I couldn't take care of my family. I became a Puritan. The Puritans want to get rid of Catholic traditions in the Church of England.

Who Am I? Continued Six months after Mary's traggic death I married Thomasine Clopton. Sadly she became very ill and died within a year. Then I married the beautiful Margaret Tyndal on March 1618. She was a very strong Puritan. I got a new job serving as Justince of Peace in Suffolk county. I lost my job because around the 1620s Puritans were getting punished because of our beliefs. My farm was also no longer succesful.

What Happened?We settled in a nearby area called Charlestown. Sadly there wasn't enough fresh water in the area. William Blackstone had come to the area of Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1623. Blackstone lived on a small peninsula not that faraway. The Algonquian Indians called that area "Shawmut". Which means "living water". That was on September 17, 1630. We moved there and renamed it Boston, after a town in England. Our firsr winter was horrible we and became desperate. We arrived to late in the year to plant crops. On February 1631 our food was almost gone.

Where I Went and What Else Did I do with My Life?In 1629 I, John Winthrop joined the Massachusetts Bay Company. We wanted to start a colony in North America. In October 1629 I was elected governor of Massachusetts Bay Company. For the rest of the year I gathered ships and supplies for the voyage. On April 8, 1630 I, my son, Henry, and other Puritan passengers set sail aboard the Arbella. It took more than two months to get to our destination. On June 6, 1630 passengers aboard the Arbella were relieved to see land. I recorded events in my journal. One day I wrote " We had now fair sunshine and weather and so pleasent a sweet air as did much refresh us; and there came a smell off the shore like the smell of a garden." In June 12, 1630 Arbella dropped her anchor near Salem, Massachusetts.

John WinthropJanuary 22, 1588-March 26, 1649

What Else Happened? A Ship called Lyon arrived with fresh supplies. That's when I declared the day of Thanksgiving. I was elected governor tweleve times between 1631 and 1648. A women named Anne Hutchinson gained control of my Boston Church in 1636 and converted the colony. I didn't beilieve in this religious position.

Some Other Things about My LIfeI married four beautiful woman. Sadly three of them died. I was a father of sixteen children. Unfortunately I didn't see my last childs birth, because I died. On March 26, 1649. I was buried in Boston's King's Chapel graveyard.

This is a page from my journal.


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