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John Williams

John Williams is one of, if not the most iconic and famous film score composers of all time. Williams wrote scores not only for all of the Jurassic films, but also wrote scores for films like the Star Wars saga, Jaws, E.T., the Harry Potter series, and many many more. He has been writing scores since 1958, so he clearly has a lot of experience in the field.

Jurassic Park

I love this soundtrack not only because it fits the movie perfectly and is one of the most famous scores, but because it has a great conrast in styles. It goes from slow and pride provoking to fast and fear provoking. Between the various pieces of music in this soundtrack, it creates an all around effect that adds imensly to the film.

I can remember watching these movies as a kid, and being so interested in the movie because the music was so cool.

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John Williams


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