John Wilkes Booth

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John Wilkes Booth

John Wilkes Booth was born on May 10, 1838. He attended Bel Air Academy Private school. At age 17 he made his acting debut with the role Earl of Richmond in Richmond III. He acted in over 100 plays. He strongly opposed abolitionists, so he joined the Richmond Grays, so that he could guard John Brown at his hanging, so that no abolitionist would save him by force. Booth was a pro confederate guy, so he loved the south and hated Lincoln, but his family were Marylanders so his family was divided. In 1863 he got arrested for treasonous remarks against the government. He planed to kidnap Lincoln and exchange him for the confederate soldeirs in union prison camps. But when the war ended he plotted to kill Lincoln. He wanted his accomplices to kill the secretary of state and the vice president. But when they were about to start the plan, he backed


He killed President Lincoln

Lasting Impact

John Wilkes booth changed our nation forever. He assassinated one of the most popular presidents of the United States, and the man that took place of President Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Johnson, wasn’t the best president. One of the bad rumors about President Johnson is he showed up to his own inauguration drunk, now I don’t know for sure if this is true but it is pretty bad and I wouldn’t want a man like that leading my country. Preachers compared the deaths of Lincoln and Jesus Christ, which depending if you believe in god that’s pretty serious; this just shows how important he was. So this had a lasting impact on the whole United States of America.

John wilkes booth and the Lincoln assasination



1838 - Birth1855 - Got into acting1859- John Browns hanging1863- Arrested for treasonous remarks against the government 1865 - Lincolns assasination and John Wilkes Booth's death

out. He went on with his plan anyway. He went up to Licoln's booth during the play "Our American cousin" at the Ford Theatre in Washington D.C. he went behind him and shot him in the head with his Philadelphia deringer. He jumped off the balcony, broke his leg, and saying "Thus be to tyrants" got on his horse and rode off while the crowd was in shock. After 10 days he stopped in a barn and 2 days later the Union soldiers found him. He shouted you will not take me alive, and hearing this the soldiers set the barn on fire. Gen. Corbett shot him in the back of the head, parilyzing him and he lied down saying "Tell mother, I died for my country, Useless useless."


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