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John Webster

Early life

John Webster

•His major plays were The White Devil and another major play was The Duchess of Malfi •He first earned his reputation when he was the dramatist for Elizabeth and Jacobean Theater. •Both plays were tragedies and he was known for mostly writing tragedies. •He used to be criticized by people back then for most of his plays being the same concept over and over again.


• In 1602 Worked with a team to write historical plays• He worked with Thomas Dekker to write Sir Thomas Wyatt, which was printed in 1607• He wrote no plays in 1605 and 1611• Wrote The Duchess of Malfi, which was performed at The Globe Public Theatre and the Blackfriars playhouse

• Sara was 10 years younger then him• Their child John was baptized at St Dunstan-in-the-West on 8 March• Webster still wrote plays in the late mid-1620s

• John Webster was born in London in 1578 • John’s father was a carriage maker also named John Webster • His mother was named Elizabeth Coates who was the daughter of a blacksmith• John was accepted to the Middle Temple from the New Inn on August 1, 1589• He later married Sara Peniall on 18 March 1606, at St Mary's Church, Islington

• The Duchess of Malfi was considered to be amazing of all the Jacobean tragedies•The two plays were often prime examples of the fashion for extreme violence during the Jacobean theatre. • Only wrote one more play by himself, which was The Devil’s Law Case, the play is considered a tragicomedy.

•The Duchess of Malfi was considered to be one of the best during his time at the Jacobean Theater. •John Webster had other plays and books that weren’t to popular one is called Three Revenge Tragedies.



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