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John Webster

The Famous John Webster

Playwright in a Shakespearean Era

Time Line


The White Devil was one of his first plays that he wrote himself, not collaborated with anyone else

Webster commonly collaborate on his works especially in his early career. During this time he collaborated on various projects but only few were published or performed.

The Duchess of Malfi is about a Duchess that has taken the throne from her dead husband and her political beliefs has been interrupted by a steward she's having an affair with

John Webster died in 1634 in London England as a well-known author whose pays paramount those of others in the 17th century

John Webster most commonly collaborated with Thomas Dekker

His last play was written along with Thomas Middleton and was called A Cure for the Cuckold


The Duchess of Malfi was considered one of his best plays


A Monumental Column



The Duchess of Malfi was published

Monuments of Honour was published

Webster was born in the late 16th century in 1580 in London, England, where he wrote most of his plays


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