John Watson

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John Watson

Watson states that the way of behaviorism is the scientific study of human behavior. It is intended to take psychology up to the same level as other sciences. First task is to observe behavior and make predicitons, then to take determine casual relationships.

Son of Emma and Pickens Watson.Born in Greenville south Carolina. Married Mary and had two kids named john and Mary. cheated and divorced. re-married Rosalie and had two more kids named James and William Roslie passed away, then john lived on a farm until he passed away in 1958.


John Watson 1878-1958

The ways of Behaviorism


•He opposed mentalistic concerns•He used contiguity to explain learning•He considered emotion to be just another example of classical conditioning•He rejected the notion of individual differences•He thought complex behaviors came about through combinations of identifiable reflexes •He was a chief proponent of “nurture” and believed that all human differences were the result of learning •He believes that practice strengthens learning

Aspects of Watson's Theory

went to Furman University in South Carolina, Graduated at 21 with his master's degree. Next he enrolled in a graduate program at the University of Chicago, Where he began to study psychology and began to develop his theory of behaviorism.


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