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John Watson

John Broadus WatsonKayla Krone

January 9, 1878-September 25, 1958He was an American psychologist who studied behavioralism, animal behavior, child rearing, and advertising

The "Little Albert Experiment" The goal of the experiment was to show how principles of, at the time recently discovered, classical conditioning could be applied to condition fear of a white rat into "Little Albert", an 11-month-old boy. Watson conditioned "Little Albert" by clanging an iron rod when a white rat was presented. First, he presented to the boy a white rat and observed that he was not afraid of it. Second, he presented him with a white rat and then clanged an iron rod. "Little Albert" responded by crying.This second presentation was repeated several times. Finally, Watson presented the white rat by itself and the boy showed fear. Later, in an attempt to see if the fear transferred to other objects, Watson presented Albert with a rabbit, a dog, and a fur coat. He cried at the sight of all of them.

He pushed for psychology to no longer be considered the science of the "mind". Instead, he stated that psychology should focus on the "behavior" of the individual, not their consciousness.



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