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John Thurman

John Thurman

John only invented one vacuum cleaner.

John Thurman invented the vacuum cleaner in central missouri about 100 miles from st louis.

John Thurman was the inventor of the vacuum cleaner. He was born in st Louis in 1908. He did vacuuming services for only 4 dollars. John’s vacuum cleaner was patented on October 3 1899. Vacuum cleaners are machines that are characterized by their ability to remove particles or liquids from surfaces such as floors or furniture. John sold his invention for 25 dollars. Herbert Cecil stole John’s idea and made a better vacuum cleaner than Johns vacuum. John came up with the vacuum because it would be better than using a broom. His vacuum cleaner was powered by gasoline. The vacuum was drawn by a horse from house to house to provide vacuuming services. John called his vacuum 'Puffing Billy'. I think the vacuum cleaner is cool and it wouldn’t be here without John Thurman.

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