John Thompson Scopes

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John Thompson Scopes

John Scopes John Scopes is a 24 year-old hogh school science teacher, who's whole name is John Thompson Scopes.He was charged with teaching Charles Sarwin Theory of Evolution. Scopes trial lawyers were WIlliam Jenings Bryan and Clarence Darrow.As John T. Raulston incrementally diswallowed the use of the trials. The trial became popularly known as the Monkey trail.Tennesse's Butler Act, passed earlier that year.All of the religious men and woman attended the jury trial and they were all angry and they attacked him before the trial started.

1920s(John Thompsom Scopes)John Scopes was 24 years old. He was a high school science teacher.Born August 3,1900.Youngest of five children.He was charged with teaching Charles Darwins TheoryThe "Monkey Trial" took place from July 10 to 21.He Lives in Tennesse.

Newspaper article

InterestingsFacts*John Scopes favorite subject was science and took in consideration to teach science in highschool. He also played the sport baseball when he was a child but his parents wanted him to focus on school so he quit.

Reflection*This was a very interesting person who also was a science teacher but,I liked this project and he did not have rarely any facts about his life only on the Monkey Trial.

Entering the courthouse

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This picture was taken before the trial.

Coming Out the courthouse

Him getting attacked at the courthouse

John Scopes 'Monkey Trial"


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