John the Savage

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John the Savage

John the Savage

John "The Savage" was brought back to the World State by Bernard when he visits the Reservation to get back at the Director. He is a very different character from the others. He was born naturally from a mother and not an assembly line and sees sex differently from the other characters. He sees sex as a sacred activity. John challenges others and does not use soma. John represents a character who looks at the harsh reality of sexualized and unnatural society.

Brave New WorldAldous Huxley

Role and Actions


Meaning of his name

Relationship and Archetype

John is a rebel. He foils most of the characters since he is from the reservation. John never conforms to social norms, but always says what is right or wrong. John speaks with vulgar and also uses Shakespeare to help him sound more educated. John is a bigger man is filled with confusion and pain

John The Savage represents Jesus or John The Baptist. This is because he carries a burden in his life. He is a very different character from the outside world and challenges the beliefs of those in the World State.

John the Savage furthers Huxley's theme. He represents the contrast of someone from a more natural world. The people in the World State are very different and highly conditioned. John the Savage was naturally born and had to read Shakespeare which was banished in the World State. These are looked down upon in the world state because it gives them a sense of emotion and freedom of feelings. John the Savage eventually kills himself due to guilt from participating in activities from the World State


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