John the Savage

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John the Savage

John the Savage

Role John the Savage is a foil character in Brave New World. He foils the average memeber of civilized society to highlight the difference between a "natural person" and one that is conditioned. He also foild Bernard to highlight the difference between intellectual indiividuals that have been conditioned versus those who are not. John is a round character even though he doesn't change because he is well developed. Him not changing is significant because it demonstrates the value of love and the ability to think for yourself.

Name Significance John the Savage's name is ironic in Brave New World. Today, John is a very common name. It is the furthest thing from uncivilized. John is labelled "the savage" by the people of the civilized world for his refusal to conform to the ideas of civilization. However, Johns mindset and ideals are the closest to what we would consider "civilized" today. Therefore, his name is meant to be ironic and to call our attention to his character. We are supposed to think "Hmmm I wouldnt think of a John as a savage."

Appearance/Actions/Diction John has plaited, straw-coloured hair, pale blue eyes, and a bronzed white skin.(110) He gets frustrated very easily especially when dealing with moral topics and has a tendency to confront his frustrations with violence either towards others or towards himself. He has an educated diction and can quote Shakespeare easily to support his arguments.

RelationshipsJohn has a peculiar relationship with Lenina. He admits to loving her and she to liking him, but after she tries to sleep with him he refuses to even look at her again. John and Helmoltz have a friendly relationship where they both have interest in poetry and despise the brainwashing of society. Bernard and John start out as friends because of their simillar ideals but John comes to feel used by him.

ThemeJohn the savage furthers Huxley's theme of the loss of morality due to industrialization by sticking to his morals to the point of death in the end. John tries to leave civilization to escape its immoral ways and temptations. However, because John seems to be the only moral person everyone else views him as a spectacle and brings civilization's ways to him with a feely featuring him and an orgy at the lighthouse. John is the only "uncivilized" person of the society and is the only one with true morals.

Archetype John represents the archetype of an outcast. He is the typical character who does not fit in with the rest of society. They do not even view him as a person, rather want to see him and treat him like an attraction. He is also a Christ figure in that he spent time alone in the wilderness battling temptation and spent time with his arms outstretched.


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