John the Savage

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John the Savage

John is one of difference. He is know as the savage in the New World. He is a very unique character in Huxley's novel. His identity and how he has the strong relationships with his family and his mother make him an outcast. When he comes to the New World his excited, but that excitement was short lasted. He disagrees with the beloved of others in the real world. All of his ideas and thoughts come from Shakespeare. And even though that books are banned in the New World he doesn't mind speaking his opinion about his beliefs. John lives a life of pain and sorrow when his mother dies. He doesn't know how to take this and in the end we can see that he couldn't take it.

John The Savage

Johns Name

John the Savage name is one of importances to the novel "Brave New World." Huxley adds savage too his name because of his background. John was born and raised on the reservation and then brought to the New World with Bernard. Being brought into a world that is different from what you grew up with you will be know as a savage. You will reject all other beliefs pressed on you and either create your own or follow what you know. This is exactly what John the Savage did.


Part of Huxley's Theme

John the Savage fuller helps Huxley's theme by being one of the normal one to this book. What I mean by this is John correlates to how humans act today. He helped showed the difference between our world and Huxley's utopian society.

John the Savage to me represents the archetype of a Loner. When John is brought into the New World he is an outcast. He is alone in this world with his beliefs and the way he wants to find happiness. In the end of the novel John just wants to left alone with God and Christianity to find his happiness.

Archetype Loner

By: John Huxley

Relationship with other characters Johns strongest relationship is with his mother, Linda. He struggles when his mother passes away from over does on soma. She was his go to and his best friend in the novel. Linda is a Beta and was once together with the Director. When Linda became pregnant he was sent to the reservation and raised John by herself. When John comes the the New World he is brought there by Bernard and Lenina and they become friends. Lenina falls in love with John and and John has mix feelings about falling in love with her.In the end the closest friend to John is Shakespeare. He read all of the his books and that how he learned to read. He pulled all of his beliefs from Shakespeare.


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