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John Stow

John StowBy: Sarah, Juan, David

John Stowe was born in London England and had lived a relatively long life and died at the age of 80. He was a rare book and manuscript collector during the late 16th century. This profession left him poor but He was self educated and had a huge passion for learning. Over his life he has written many short stories. Some of these include a Summarie of Englyshe Chronicles . His first original work was The Chronicles of England (1580), which was later revised as Annales of England (1592).


Survey of London was John Stow's most famous piece of work. This book was literally a detailed survey of London including all of the major buildings. This famous book was reprinted a numerous amount of times with and without pictures.


Survey of London

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Stow's literary efforts did not improve much over the years. He slowly began to decline after the Survey of London was created. He was very poor but accepted it and embraced it. He died on April 6, 1605 and a monument was erected near his grave. John Stow will always be known as the father of London history.


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