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John Stow

- Was born in 1525 in London.- He was an English historian and an author- His parents were very poor- John went to get milk every morning for his family from a farm- He never mentioned his education- People say that his education "must have been tolerable for his time and situation- He did not take up his family's business and was admitted to the Merchant Taylor's Company in 1547 instead- Published his Survey of London in 1598- Died on April 6th, 1605- He was buried in the London church of St. Andrew Undershaft, where the monument still remains to this day


Survey of LondonJohn Stow is best known for his Survey of London, which was published in 1598. This was very interesting to everyone because it had unique account of the buildings, social conditions, and customs of London in the time of Queen Elizabeth I. Another edition of this came out in 1603, and there were plenty more later after Stow had died.

Stow seemed to have been educated by himself in Latin and in poetry. His first publication in 1561 was The workes of Geffrey Chaucer, next was Chronicles of England in 1580, then Annales of England in 1592, etc. He published a lot of things, but only the Survey of London really took off and became very famous.



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