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John Steinbeck

-An early draft of "Of Mice and Men" was eaten by his dog.-There was a rumor that "The Grapes of Wrath" was tranlated in Japaneese as "The Angry Raisins"-He used 300 pencils to write "East of Eden"

His novel, The Grapes of Wrath, about the migration of a family from the Oklahoma Dust Bowl, to California won a National Book Award, and a Pulitzer Prize. His first book was "Of Mice and Men", and his last book was "The Vligenvanger".

He was born February 27, 1902, in Salinas, California. He dropped out of college to work as a manual labor before pursuing his dream of being a writer. Steinbeck participated as a war correspondant during the World War II. He was also a school teacher. He died in New York city in 1968.

John SteinbeckBy: Sofia and Isa




Books:-The Winter of our Discontent - In Dubious Battle-The long from the Sea of Cortez-Cup of Gold

More Books:-The Grapes of Wrath-The Pearl-Of Mice and Men-Canery Row-East of Eden-Travels with Charlie-Tortilla Flat-The Red Pony-The Moon is Down


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