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John Steinbeck







John Steinbeck's Life

1950 -1967


On Februrary 27th, John Steinbeck was born. His parents were named John E. Steinbeck and Olive Hamilton. He had three sisters.

John went to Stanford Unversity college to study marine biology. But he fell in love with writing and dropped out of college.

For the next few years, John Steinbeck wrote various short stories. He wrote "The Pastures of Heaven," "The Red Pony," and "To a God Unknown."

On December 20th, John Steinbeck died at the age of 66. His death was the result of heart failure and Cardiovascular disease.

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In 1929, he wrote his first novel, Cup of Gold. And in 1930, he married his first wife Carol Henning.

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In 1935, John wrote "Tortilla Flat" and in 1936 he wrote "In Dubious Battle," which made him gave him a reputation of good work. Later on in 1937, he wrote "Of Mice and Men." This book is still a very famous piece that is read in high schools today. But, if that wasn't enough, he wrote "Grapes of Wrath," a book that made him known all over the U.S. This book was about farmers in the Dust Bowl during the Great Depression. His books were mostly all based on the Great Depression. Grapes of Wrath won a Nobel Peace Prize in 1962.

In 1929, John published a book called "The Moon Is Down" about a man in WW2. Then, the next year, he divorced his wife Carol to marry a woman named Gwyndolyn Conger. In 1944 he had his first son, Thomas. In 1945, he wrote "Cannery Row." And in 1946 he had his second son, named after him, John. He also wrote "Wayward Bus" and "The Pearl" in 1947. In 1948, he divorced Gwyndolyn.

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