John Steinbeck - intro

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John Steinbeck - intro

Born in Salinas, California, in 1902. Attended Stanford University in 1919, he left in 1925 without a degree. He held jobs as a laborer and journalist before becoming a full fledged author. His most famous work may be considered Grapes of Wrath (1939). He has two children and was married three times. He dies in 1968.

Cannery Row1945

John Steinbeck

Literature was not promulgated by a pale and emasculated critical priesthood singing their litanies in empty churches - nor is it a game for the cloistered elect, the tinhorn mendicants of low calorie despair.Literature is as old as speech. It grew out of human need for it, and it has not changed except to become more needed.The skalds, the bards, the writers are not separate and exclusive. From the beginning, their functions, their duties, their responsibilities have been decreed by our species.

Nobel Prize Speech

Cannery Row - movie


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