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John Smoltz

Future Hall of Famer John Smoltz was born and grew up inside Lansing, Michigan.

John Smoltz : Starting and Closing by John Smoltz

If you play sports, most of you know, nothing comes easy. John Smoltz career was an adventue, by far.

John Smoltz started off by being drafted by the Detroit Tigers out of high school. After his first year with them playing on their A team, he got traded to the Atlanta Braves where his real legacy began.

When he got there, in his first year, he played in AAA doing very well and about a month later, he was in the Big Show. Playing in the Majors.

As his Hall of Fame career led on, he started having elbow problems. He had to have Tommy John surgery which helped him even more in pitching.

When his time came and he had to retire, he had had plenty of awards to show off including a Cy Young Award, 12 All Star Selections, Roberto Clemete Award, Delivery Man of the Year, and a World Series Ring behind his belt all for the Atlanta Braves.

As the ace in Atlanta he led the team to 14 straight divional titles! He helped Atlanta tremendously by starting and closing.


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