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John Smith

John Smith

John Smith first traveled to France, and battled in the French army. He fought in Holland against Spain, and in 1600, Smith traveled to Hungary and Translyvania (now Romania), to fight against the Turks in what is known as the Long War. He was such an excellent soldier that he was promoted to captain of the army. Smith battled three Turkish soldiers, one after another. While he was defeating them, he cut off one of their heads and then mounted it on a long spear! When the prince of Translyvania heard of Smith's actions, he rewarded him with some money, a coat of arms, and a banner with symbols for a particular person or family. During a battle against the Turks, Smith was badly beaten and taken as a slave. After getting sold and shipped around, Smith escaped. He walked to Russia and found his troops again. By then, he was allowed to leave the army and go home.

After a year spent at home Smith became very bored. After so much excitement and the exploration he had done in the past, it wasn't fun being home. Smith heard about "The Virginia Company", and he decided to give money and to become involved with the company's new settlements! On December 20, 1606, Smith was one of the 105 men and boys that boarded the ships; Godspeed, Susan Constant, and the Discovery. During the voyage, Smith got accused of mutiny. He spent the rest of the journey locked up waiting to be hanged in the gallows. After 4 months at sea, they finally reached Virginia on April 26, 1607. Surprisingly, John Smith was one of the 7 men chosen in advance to be the Governor of the new colony. The 3 ships traveled up the James River before finding a place to settle. Jamestown was named after King James 1. It was the first permanent English settlement in North America!

Before John Smith took command, no one wanted to work. Smith once told the settlers, "He who does not work, does not eat." That changed the peoples attitude about working. He wanted this settlement to succeed, so he used threats. Smith became president of the Jamestown governing council. He told people to stop searching for gold. Each man was required to work 6 hours a day, and he encouraged the men to fight if the Powhatan tribe attacked Jamestown. In 1609, Smith was badly burned when a spark lit his gunpowder bag on fire. He was sent back to England to heal. Nobody new that was the last time he would be in Virginia.

Encyclopedia Britannica

John Smith was born in 1580, in Willoughby Lincolnshire, England. He was the oldest son of a farmer. When he was 15, he started working for a merchant. A year later his father died and Smith quit work and decided to travel the world and find adventure!

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