John Quincy Adams

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John Quincy Adams

John Quincy Adams was born on July 11, 1767 in Braintree, Massachusetts. His parents were John Adams and Abigail Smith Adams. His father was an important figure in the fight for independence from Britain. He was also Washington's vice president and the second president of the United States.From a very young age, John Quincy Adams was exposed to politics not only of this young country, but also the politics of European countries. It was only natural that he would also become a politician.In 1824, John Quincy Adams ran for the presidency against Andrew Jackson, William Crawford, and Henry Clay. None of the candidates received the required 131 electoral votes and the House of Representatives was given the task of selecting the president. John Quincy Adams was the winner.Adams served one term as US president then returned home to Massachusetts for a much needed break. His break only lasted two years before he was called back into politics.In 1830, John Quincy Adams was elected to the House of Representatives where he served until he suffered a stroke at his desk in 1848. He was taken to the Speaker's chambers of the Capital where he rested until he died two days later.John Quincy Adams was not always liked as a politician, but he made countless contributions to the shaping of our country.

Political Years

1767 - John Quincy is born in Braintree, Massachusetts1778 - John Quincy travels to France with his father, John Adams1781 - John Quincy travels to Russia as an interpreter for American diplomat, Francis Dana1783 - John Quincy joins his father in Holland1785 - John Quincy returns to America to attend Harvard College

1794 - Appointed American Minister to Holland1797 - Appointed US Ambassador to Prussia1803 - Elected to 6 year term in US Senate1809 - Appointed American Minister to Russia1814 - Led peace negotiations with Great Britain1815 - Appointed American Minister to Great Britain1817 - Served as Secretary of State for James Monroe, fifth President1824 - House of Representatives names John Quincy Adams the sixth President1830 - Elected to House of Representatives1848 - John Quincy Adams suffers a stroke in the House of Representatives and dies two days later in the Speaker's chambers of the Capital.

The Patriot

"In America I can live independent and free; and rather than live otherwise I would wish to die" John Quincy Adams

Book Review

John Quincy Adams: Sixth President of the United States by Zachary Kentfrom the Encyclopedia of Presidents Collection

John Quincy Adams


Early Years

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