John Quincy Adams Timeline

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John Quincy Adams Timeline

John Quincy Adams Timeline

1778 to 1779John Quincy Adams was ekeven years old when he raveled with John Adams to France where his father served as a diplomatic envoy. It took them six weeks on board of the Boston to cross the Atlantic

1781-1783At age 14 and because of his fluency in French John Quincy traveled to St. Petersburg as secretary and translator for Francis Dana.

1825-1829John Quincy Adams became our 6th President.

1790 John Quincy became a practicing attorney in Boston. As tensions mounted between Britain and France, he supported President George Washington's neutrality policy.

After John Adams lost his bid for a second term in 1800, he recalled his son from Prussia. In 1802, John Quincy was elected to the Massachusetts legislature, and one year later, he was elected the U.S. Senate.



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