[2015] Thomas Desilets: John Pope

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[2015] Thomas Desilets: John Pope

John Pope by Thomas Desilets

John Pope

Son of a federal judge who went to school at the U.S miliary acadmey at West Point (5). He graduated in 1842 (7)and became a Luitenant engineer (9), and saw action in the Mexican war (10). He was considered a top soilder (12). He had maried Clara P. Hortan (14)and they had one daughter (16). At the start of the Civil war he had been promoted to Brigadier Genral by Abraham lincoln (17). He had operated in Virginia (19) and then was transford to Missisippi (23). He had been in battles with Stonewall Jackson. He retired March 31, 1865 (29). His wife died a year after (32). Than he wrote a book about the nation (33). He died on September 23, 1892 (35)and was rememberd in many differnt ways.

Born March 16 1822(1)

Acomponied Lincoln on the Inogural train ride(13)

ThesisGeneral John Pope wasimportant in the civilwar because he was a loyal (38)and considerd a top solider (40). But was disliked by his colleges (37).


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