John Peter Zenger

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John Peter Zenger

John Peter Zenger

Andrew Hamilton, Zengers attorney, argued that Zenger had the right to speak the truth even though it made the government look bad. Zenger won the case and went on to keep on publishing the newspaper. HIs case was used to create many inclusions in the Bill of Rights.

In 1735, Zenger was arrested for libel, or for speaking out badily against the goverment. He was the publisher of the "New-York Weekly Journal". He citizized a governor that tried to rig an election and who removed a judge.

William Penn should not be voted to the next round instead of John Peter Zenger, for Penn was only famous for founding the Britsh colony, and now U.S. State, Pennsylvania. The land that Pennsylvania sit on today would just be called by another name. While, if it had not been for the case of Zenger, the framers of the Bill of Rights might not have thought it necessary to include the freedom of speech in the constitution, because it is a necessity to be able to speak the truth as you please.

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