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John Newlands

John Newlands

Life- Born on Nov. 26, 1837.- Father was a minister; learned from him- Studied at the Royal College of Chemistry in London- Fought for Italy's reunification in 1860- His mother was Italian- Died of Influenza, Jul. 29, 1898

Chemist- An assistant to J. T. Way from 1856-64- Became an industrial chemist in 1864- Worked at sugar refinery and helped with their process- Also taught Chemistry- After, worked with his brother B. E. R. Newlands

Law of Octaves- used numerical systems to organize elements- he said that every eighth element was similar like an octave- He grouped the 61 known elements into their "new atomic weight"- Was able to theorize the existence of Germanium from his chart- Posted his works in On the Discovery of the Periodic Law

Presenting His Theory- He collected his findings in 1865- Presented his theories to the University of London science board- they didn't appreciate his findings- One professor asked if he'd examined it alphabetically- They didn't like his system

Dobereiner- Noticed elements had similar qualities in 3s- Saw that Strontium is halfway between Barium and Calcium- Called these groups triads- Did his work in 1817-1829- Newlands took from his work and applied it to his

Final Theories- Came back after Mendeleev's table in 1869- Went back to work on finding relationships- Sent letters to Chemical News of his findings- Received a Davy Medal of the Royal Society- Got the medal in 1887



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