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John Newlands

John Alexander Reina Newlands

I was the first to expeirement with organizing the periodic table by atomic weights. He continued Johann Wolfgang Döbereiner’s work with triads. "Families of similar elements, he published in 1865 his 'Law of octaves', which stated that "any given element will exhibit analogues behaviour to the eighth element following it in the table." Newlands’ arranged all of the known elements into seven groups, which he likened to the octaves of music."

Personal LifeBorn: 26-Nov-1837Birthplace: London, EnglandDied: 29-Jul-1898Location of death: London, EnglandCause of death: InfluenzaAfter his death, his brother took over his studies. He continued to shape the periodic table to what it is today

Rachel YoungPeriod 2November 25, 2013

These are his early work of the orginization of the periodic table.

His final product before his death.


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