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John Muir


- born in April 21, 1838- 1849 immagrated to America- when he was 22 enrolled at University of Wisconsin- 1864 moved to Canada - 1866 came back to America- 1867 went blind- died December 24, 1914

He founded the Sierra Club in the Nevada moutains in California.Wanted to help preseverve the western forests later on in life. He petitiond the U.S congress for the national park bill that was passed in 1890.Wrote a biography called Steven J. Holmes, he was known as one of the most patroned saint in the ninetenth century.


John wanted to acomplish the goal of conservatation for the state parks on California


Fun fact 2:Was blinded in a car accident but regained eye site

John Muir Yosemite Park

John Muir PBS

A Brief Biograghy


John Muir Encyclopidea

John Muir

Fun fact#1:Was a Scottish-American

Fun fact #3:Was bestfriends with Theodore Roosevelt

John Muir

John Muir writing and his friend Theodore Roosevelt

John Muir writing to his friend Theodore Roosevelt

John Muir standing next to a tree in Yosemitie Park

A portrait of John Muir


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