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John Milton

John MiltonBy: Kiersten Lee

He was one of the most widley known and famous English Poets. He was one of the greatest english poets. Wrote the "best" English Epic poem (Paradise Lost)List of his poetry:

His Poetry

There are no records of what his kids went on to do, or when they where born / died.Married three times. First wife had four children. Second wife died giving birth to his fifth child. Third wife has no recorded children

Family Life

He is proficient in Latin, Greek, Hebrew, French, Spanish, and Italian. He was also familiar with Old English and Dutch.

He went to these three schools for educationSt Paul's School London, University of Cambridge Christ's College, Cambridge



The type of poems he wrote were, Miltonic verse, Miltonic epic, Miltonic blank verse

More Poetry

He was completley blind by 1651. He was a republican.


A quote by him is:"The mind it own place, and in itself can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven"


His lasting impact is his literary and political writing. These writings impacted Republicans mostly.


Born: December 9, 1608, Cheapside, United KingdomDied: November 8, 1674, Chalfont St Giles, United Kingdom


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