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John Locke

John Locke was born in Wrington, Somerset, England in 1632. His father was a lawyer and a captian who served during the English civil war.Locke's parents were Purtians and he got an outstanding education.Locke went to Westminster and Oxford's school, were he studied logic, metaphysics, and classical languages. After his education, Locke wrote Two Treatises, as well as his Essay Concerning Human Understandings. He also published a Letter Concerning Toleration, the Reasonableness of Christanity, and Some Thoughts Concerning Education.He was involved in goverment and was a hero to the Whig party until he died in 1704.

His ideas had a big influence in the writing of the Declaration of Independence, which has changed the world.


1632-Born in England1647- Goes to Westiminster School1652-Goes to Oxford1671-John makes his first draft of his essay on Human Understandings1689-He publishes his Essay of Human Understanding.1690-The Two Treatises of Civil Government are published1696-Locke appointed to Board of Trade.1704-Locke dies.

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John Locke



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"Every man has a property in his own person. This nobody has a right to, but himself."

He wrote an essay concerning human understanding, which is about the theories of ideas and knowledge.

He is considered the founder of the empiricist theory of knowledge which states that knowledge comes from sensory experience.


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