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John Locke


John Locke was borned in a small village named Wrington, and was the son of a country lawyer and captain who participated in the English Civil War. John was raised as a puritan as both of his parents were and was placed in a school named Wesminster School in London at the age of 15.During his time at Christ Church, he had caught on a liking logic and metaphysics.His works has gotten himself a fellow of the Roman Society in 1668 in an election and eventually graduated from the Church with a bachelor's of medicine in 1674.

Main Ideas

His Works

John Locke had written a book named "In Two Treastises of Government". In this book, he stated that the government is better off giving limited power to the citizens, in this case the people of England have more freedomAlso, it shows howmuch Locke rejectedabsolute monarchy.


1. Social Studies Textbook


Origin: United Kingdom


August 29, 1632 - October 28, 1704

Field of Study:Philosopher

"All mankind... being all equal and independent, no one ought to harm another in his life, health, liberty or possessions."

From Locke's work, he had influenced many historical figures (e.g. Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson etc.), and that he affected the structures of government and made part of it of how it is today worldwide.

John Locke

Locke believed that the government should only be using itself to protect the rights of its citizens.He had also felt that it was necessary to include "checks and balances" so one doesn't overpower each other

Main Idea #I: John Locke, had thought that people were very reasonable and also moral. Not to forget that they have the natural rights that they immediately receive when residing in their country (England).Main Idea #II: The current ruler of the time, James II was a person that Locke despised for violating the rights of the English and deserved to be dethroned. Locke believed that if a government has an obligation to the people it governs, then the people have the right to overthrow the gov. .


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